right now, my photo site is organized basically by the type of film/camera i used: black and white (film), color (film), digitally altered (mostly shot with digital cameras and photoshopped). plus one more category: figure. i made that one so that people who don't want to see nudity can browse my other photos. but now that i think about it, i'm not sure how logical this organizational scheme is. maybe i'll change it?

but how best to reorganize them? i could do it by subject. for example, people, things, abstract, places, etc. or maybe by "genre": funny, documentary, views, emotive, details, etc. or maybe i should make categories and subcategories?

this is going to take some thought.


scanning negatives

i just realized that the single shot that took the longest to set up of all of my photos is not scanned.

i made a shot of a typewriter in my uncle's apartment several years ago. it was unplanned, completely spontaneous. but i ended up spending about 5 hours setting up lighting and the 4x5 inch format view camera, with all of its settings. i was in the zone that time. except for the fact that it ended up underexposed. but anyway, it's a good shot.

and i never got around to scanning it! time to rectify that...