i wrote a self-evaluation of my whole body of work, just for myself, so i could figure out what i need to work on. i thought i'd share it here, to see what anyone else thinks. keep in mind that these are my personal thoughts, not originally intended for anyone to see, and i've quoted it directly, without changing anything.
self evaluation:

many (most?) of my photos have glaring technical faults (blurriness, etc), but i think i'm around the 50th percentile range of WORKING, PROFESSIONAL photographers, which means i've got a shot!

but, i think my visual style and the emotions/ideas in my work are exceptionally good. (compelling?)



busy with many projects now--it's a good thing. so i'm thinking of stopping this blog.

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recently, i've been working on a lot of things that have been keeping me busy: web updates, a new version of my website, an exhibition, a big photo contest, etc...

i felt like i wanted a break. after finishing the contest entrance work, i didn't have anything big or important to work on. sure, i had a few small things here and there, but nothing with any kind of deadline, and it wasn't important that i work on them soon.

the next day, i got depressed. like, why-am-i-alive?-level depressed! so, i figured out that next, i'll work on exhibiting at design festa. now i feel great! there's a lot of work ahead of me!

which leads me to believe, that i can probably never again stop working on photos or other creative things. possibly for the rest of my life.

maybe it's a good thing?


new exhibition: photoArt+絆

may 29, 30, and 31 in yokohama, at the kenmin center, there will be a 3 person photo exhibition (i'm one of the three) to benefit victims of the disaster in northeastern japan. come if you can.

here's the flyer:

the map is here:
kanagawa kenmin center

more info at the facebook event page.


projects that i have been working on recently are completed!!


i now have my second draft photos up on flickr, which will be be updated often. also, i have merch available at zazzle.com. and also, i have prints available for sale. all of these are linked to from my photo site, but i'll put some links at the end of this post.

the other two things that i finished up are putting like buttons on my photo site, and setting up a "page" on facebook for my photos.

it feels really good to get so many things finished. but somehow, i find myself drawn into another 3 big projects in the next couple of weeks, and these actually have deadlines! it all seems to be happening at the same time, in a whirlwind of synchronicity! i'll post about them when i can, or check the facebook page.

facebook page
my photos on flickr
photographs by hikaru (prints are also available for sale here)

that is all (for now).


preparing for updates

i'm working on a lot of things right now, trying to get my web presence going in a lot of different areas. it's difficult, frustrating, and stressful, but i should have a lot of new, good things going pretty soon.

stand by for updates.


i was lucky enough to get 2 new cameras recently:

a polaroid sx-70 (used, of course), and
a nikon d700!! (also used)

i'm really excited! i had an sx-70 before, but it broke, and i've been polaroidless for a while. i'm looking forward to getting some more film from the impossible project.

also, the d700 has been the object of my coveting for several years. in fact, getting this camera was my biggest dream in recent times. and now i'm holding it in my hands, and shooting awesome photos with it!!

fuck, things seem to be working out.

thank you, karma.