next project

the next project that i'm working on might turn into another book, but this time, it's a collaboration! tentative theme: colorful.


i just got my first digital slr

i just got my first digital slr, a nikon d70. it's a few years old, but i got it for about 10% of it's release price!

i thought it would be fun to own a dslr, but i didn't know it would be *this* fun!! before, i carried my camera around at all times, and when i saw something that made me think "i *must* get a shot of that!", i took it out and shot a photo.

but with this camera, i just feel like i want to shoot everything around me in every direction at all times, and it's so fun!

as of now, my two favorite cameras are my most expensive one and my cheapest one.



my photos seem to keep popping up on blogs of a certain language. without the people asking me (though i don't particularly mind that). but i'm pretty sure the blogs are in persian?

it seems strange to me.


stock photos

i've decided to start doing stock photography work. it's a lot different from the kind of photography that i've been doing up till this point, but at least i have the possibility to make some money, and without having a real boss.

much research is needed.


book published!

the book is finished!!!


it'll just take some time to get everything set up so that it will be available for purchase in a lot of places.

for now, it's available here:

here's a preview:


view obstructions

i used to complain that power and other utility lines got in the way of a lot of really good shots that i wanted to get here in tokyo. i whined that they should be buried underground, as they are in a lot of places in the good old u.s.a.

but i've stopped thinking that way, without really noticing that i had changed. now, i expect the lines to be there, knowing that they're going part of the shot, and just try to use them as a composition element.

my previous attitude was sort of like, "i wish i could get a picture of this forest, but there's so many fucking trees in the way!"

i'm happier now.


work on my upcoming book has recommenced!

tentative title: darkness (and light).