another project!

i'm overflowing with ideas for t-shirt designs. might as well start actually making them!


next project!

so, the response to my new site has been overwhelmingly positive (maybe the people who think it's shit don't bother to tell me...?) anyway, i feel like i'm on a roll, and i'm working on my next project: to publish a book! the working title is "darkness," though this could certainly change. i'll be publishing it through lulu.com. i haven't gone through much of the creation/publishing process with them yet, but from what i have done, they seem extremely awesome. i'm very excited, and at this point, i recommend them to anyone who may be thinking about publishing almost any kind of book.

speaking of books, i wanted to talk a bit about where the motivation and inspiration i've felt this year came from. for years, i've been meaning to completely redo my photo site, and get started on various other projects. but i kept telling myself, "yeah, i'll start tomorrow." and then i found something else that required my attention 'tomorrow.' i would do this for days and weeks in a row, until i forgot about it for the next few months. i have a gift for procrastination.

but, early this year, i read a book. this book seriously, literally changed my life. you may have heard of it. "the alchemist" by paulo coelho. it made me realize that, if i have a dream, i have a choice: either fucking go for it at all costs; or, let the chance slip by and be miserable for the rest of my days. sometimes i read a book or watch a movie, and i'm overcome with some kind of emotion or motivation, but it usually only lasts a few hours, or days at most. but i'm *still* feeling this motivation to make my dreams come true, over half a year later. and it's not showing signs of going away. i recommend this book to everyone within the sound of my text, more than anything i've ever recommended. if you have a dream, do yourself a favor and read it.


bad joke

i heard this joke yesterday:

what's the difference between a photographer and a large pizza?

the pizza can feed a family of four!

(good thing my family is only 3 people...)



finally! after all this time! the site is finished.

i'll say that it's still in beta, because i may have to make a few small tweaks.


anyway, i feel really good. it's taken so long, with so many difficult decisions, while trying to do so many other things. but i managed to keep myself motivated, and completed this project! time to move on to the next project...